Ms. Nene Fitz X Sneakervision

I have been collecting Sneakers off and on Since College. I don’t have the most Sneakers by Far, but a have a few. When I joined Instagram a few years ago, I found my Sneaker tribe. Not just my tribe; I found Sneakerhead chicks that rocked Dope Sneakers, Doper than mine. One of the young ladies, Ms. Nene, was the one of the sweetest girls I met. I asked her about Sneakers and taking pictures. She was ALWAYS gracious with her answers. So when my blog took a turn for interviewing  Sneakerheads.  I KNEW I wanted her included. Keep reading below to see what we talked about…

So when did you first fall in love with sneakers? What makes Sneakers Special to you?

“I grew up in Brooklyn, N.Y. during the 90s. We all wanted to be like Mike and were surrounded with fashion and hip hop. I always saw sneakers as the most crucial part of a fly outfit. The Louis bag, the MCM or Gucci and the Js.  I have always admired how the guys in N.Y. styled their kicks. That’s probably why I dress like a dude now.🤣” I love the way you dress, always super fly!! Your style is DOPE!!!!

If you had to Pick a top 3 out of your collection-What are your picks? Only 3. LOL!
“This is a tough one. Well, I must say I love Jordan 1’s. The Royal 1’s are a shoe that I remember everyone having in high school. My second choice would have to be the Black Cement 3’s. This shoe has remained timeless. Lastly, the Air More Uptempo (Pippens) which is the shoe that I receive the most compliments for. I have always wanted this shoe!!” You do rock a lot of Uptempo’s. I recently got into Uptempo’s and that is a COMFY Sneaker!
If you had to live your life with ONE pair of Sneakers, which ones would they be? LOL!
“100 % Air More Uptempo in the OG colorway.” LOL, gotcha!
What do you think about Nike, The Future is Female? They have had some exclusive drops for the Ladies, the Satins. Do you think Nike and other brands need MORE drops for the ladies only?  (I know this is a tough question because men copped too).
“I just want the dope shoes in my size. I appreciate the acknowledgment that women enjoy sneakers as much as the guys however, just give me the well designed shoes in my size! I prefer the male focused styles. I would have loved those Cactus Jack 4’s!!!”  Agreed, 100%!
I noticed you recently got your Masters Degree congratulations! What motivated you to get your Masters ? What advice would you give your younger self and other ladies that would like to follow in your footsteps?
“I have my MS. Ed and I was encouraged to continue my education because I feel there are many things that we spend money on that expire. My degree is forever.” Words of Wisdom. Good advice!
Thank you so much Ms. Nene for sharing your Sneaker Knowledge and motivational advice with my blog readers. She is one to follow guys! She has a NICE sneaker collection. She is @msnenefitz on instagram.
I hope you enjoyed reading. Until next time, Peace, Love and Sneakervision.
All photos below to Ms. Nene.