Weekend Wrap Up. Easter Kicks And Revival…the Restaurant

Wishing all of my sneaker lovers a Happy Easter!!! My Weekend was great. Good food, dope kicks and as always the BEST company.

Saturday I took a look around the Nike Outlet in Duluth. I didn’t copy anything ,  the line was super long. I really liked the Air Max see below. I should be able to cop at a later date. I wasn’t pressed to get them.

I love to visit restaurants I’ve never tried. Restaurants that give me that at home, eclectic feel. We hit this place in Decatur called Revival. See link just in case you ever want to check them out  Revival Decatur . For our appetizer we had The pimento cheese and Chips, delicious!  I had the  Fried Chicken with Mac and Cheese. And a Mimosa. Delicious!! He got the  breakfast platter, eggs, creamy grits, sausage, bacon…we were full. I would definitely love to back to Revival.

Today I rocked my Crimson Tint J 1’s, my Easter Kicks. I know J1’s are everyone’s faves. But with the Crimson Tints, you absolutely NEED to feel the buttery leather. They look so rich. So comfy. Of course the Color is rich. The Crimson J1’s also came with 3 different color laces, black, pink and like a forest green. I would highly recommend these J1’s as an add to your collection.

Next week is going to be a tough week for me, I have Mom’s birthday coming up. But guess what? I’m looking forward to it…I’m taking a trip that weekend. I’ll also share some pictures of our last trip together for her birthday.

Peace, Love and Sneakervision!